Episode 20: Cambodia

While focusing on reaching out to the children of a destitute nation, Martine unveils the significance of bringing the gospel to the underaged and underprivileged.

Episode 19: Child Trafficking

Certain team members uncover the dark, startling truth of child trafficking and explore the delicate and intense work of those who manage to rescue children before it’s too late.

Episode 18: Thailand

The most effective methods of ministry in Buddhist-strong Thailand are revealed as the team explains how the deep barriers of culture and religion can be broken.

Episode 17: The Next Gen

The GV interns show the behind-the-scenes reality of challenging students at a youth camp with something more than an average summer away from home.

Episode 16: Nicaragua Part 1

A small, select team traverses up a Nicaraguan river in search of the remote people of the Miskito Coast, an area rampant with witchcraft.

Episode 15: Nicaragua Part 1

John and Martine journey for the first time with their two sons on a GV trip. The boys must overcome their young shyness as the family tackles overseas ministry together.

Episode 14: The Philippines

The GV Team reaches out into the prisons, schools, and trash dumps of Mindanao’s unpredictable cities to bring hope to the people of the Philippines.

Episode 13: India

John and Blake travel alone to a Hindu area of northern India, encountering both individuals who seek the truth and thousands in need of inspiration.

Episode 12: Niger Part 2

The GV Team stands their ground at a mass crusade against Muslim extremists. Opposition flares and the Gospel must prove itself for the salvation of the lost.

Episode 11: Niger Part 1

The GV Team makes its way to the predominately Muslim capital of Niger to deliver the Gospel to an epicenter of Islamic radicals.