Asia Combo

Cambodia & Thailand

June 15 – July 2, 2017 / $4,150 / Ages 15+

Can’t choose between Cambodia and Thailand? Neither can we. That’s why we have the Combo Trip! Experience both nations, spend more time in Asia, and help us reach further than we ever have in this area of the world! Click on the highlighted countries above to read more about each separate country.

Trip Overview

1.6% Evangelical  |  Population: 82.8 Million  |  Language: Khmer & Thai

If you’d like to spend more time overseas than just 10 days, this trip is for you! Fully immerse yourself in the SE Asian culture as you travel to both Cambodia and Thailand with us. Both truly unique nations will give you a chance to experience many different kinds of ministry, from secluded villages who have never encountered westerners to bustling city streets teeming with a variety of people. You will be a part of a ministry team in Cambodia for the first week, travel as a group across the border, and you will be part of a new ministry team once you arrive in Thailand, giving you a chance to develop new relationships. The Asia Combo is a truly extraordinary experience sharing the Gospel in one of the most unreached sectors of the world!

Please contact us if you have any questions about this trip.

Trip Price Includes

*Domestic & International Airfare

Food and Bottled Water In-Country

Hotel & Accommodations

Travel Health Insurance

Water Filter Unit for Service Project

Necessary Visas and 2017 GV Tee

*Does not include airline baggage fees. Click here for more information about what is included in the trip cost. 

Do you live outside the U.S.? Contact us for international trip pricing.

Asia Combo 2017 Payment Schedule

  • November 1st

    $300 Deposit

  • February 1st

    $1,900 Deposit Due

  • April 1st

    $1,950 Deposit Due



A Glimpse of Southeast Asia

Want to see what Southeastern Asia is like? This short clip was filmed in Thailand, and is from Season 2 of our reality TV show, Global Ventures. You can watch full episodes about Thailand & Cambodia in Seasons 1 & 2 under the ‘Watch” tab!