Important Update About this Summer’s Missions Projects

We wanted you to know about some major shifts to our summer evangelism projects in Peru, Ecuador and Albania. Please watch this update video from John Smithwick, president of Global Ventures.

We are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 918-266-5764 or email us.

Though we have waited longer than most other missions ministries to make the decision (in hopes of being able to bring Heaven’s help to these nations right at the point of their need), all the factors indicate that we cannot venture into these nations this summer. Their borders are not open, and we’re unsure when these governments will actually allow foreigners to travel into them.

On the ministry side of things, all indicators right now are that once borders open, strict “no large gathering” orders are in place until the end of the year, as well as school is canceled for the rest of the year. Obviously, the safety of all GV team members was a major factor in this final decision as well.

Despite the disappointment of having to adjust summer ministry, the good news is, nothing is canceled, just rescheduled for next year. That means, we will have even more trips and Evangelism Projects in 2021 than ever before – it’s going to be Massive!!

We’ll utilize the next few months to train up more leaders as we prepare for next year. We still plan to go to Thailand in the Fall and take teams with us to take part in our evangelism projects. There are several strategic projects we’ll be doing this summer that will allow us in the days ahead to touch so many here as well as abroad. It’s definitely a different time for us, but we’re going to use this time to launch Global Ventures further out!!

We are so thankful to have faithful partners that walk with us through these times. This will pass, and soon we will experience the victory of sharing God’s love with people around the world! We continuously pray for you!

Yours for the Harvest,

John and Martine Smithwick

Global Ventures Founders