How do my donors get a tax-deduction?

If a donor would like to receive a tax-deduction, they need to make out their check directly to Global Ventures or donate with their personal credit card on our website or over the phone. As a team member, if someone makes a check out to you instead of Global Ventures, we cannot give them a tax-deductible receipt.

If more money is sent to GV than my trip cost, can I receive a refund?

No. Because of lRS regulations, we cannot give any refunds. We can hold the funds for one trip year (not calendar year) for you to use on another trip, or if you prefer, it will be disbursed at our discretion to another team member.

What if I miss a payment deadline?

Please call the office immediately if you have missed, or are about to miss a payment deadline.

When will I receive my flight itinerary?

We do our best to send out all flight itineraries 2 weeks prior to departure, but sometimes we do not receive them from our travel agents until a later date. Therefore, you may not receive your itinerary until 1 week prior to departure.

When and where will I meet up with the Global Ventures Team?

We do our best to book all team members through a common city in the US before we fly overseas so we will be together. In the rare occasion this is not possible, or you are flying from somewhere other than the US, we will make sure you have all the information you need to arrive at our final destination.

How many suitcases can I bring?

Global Ventures policy is that each person is allowed one checked bag and one backpack. Even if the airlines do allow two checked bags, we cannot fit extra luggage into the taxis or buses that we take upon arriving in the country.

Which immunizations are required for travel?

Please be up to date on all childhood immunizations. The following immunizations are recommended by Global Ventures for all travel:

• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Typhoid
• Tetanus
• Yellow Fever (Trip Specific:  We will inform you if this shot is required for the trip you have applied for.)

Please check the Center for Disease Control website at: for recommended immunizations pertaining to the country you will be traveling to as a part of a Global Ventures Team.

Which part of the Nets do I memorize?

ALL of them! You will alternate every day and at every location which parts you do – so know them all. If the memorization is too much, please choose at least two of the parts you can do. The more you have memorized, the more effective you will be when witnessing to people. Please take the time to be prepared; it makes a difference in the amount of people who are reached.

What do I need to wear?

Street Ministry: Jeans or capris below the knee. (NO shorts, tights, yoga pants or excessively tight jeans allowed). T-Shirts must be modest with no offensive typography or graphic. No sleeveless, low-cut, or midriff shirts will be allowed. Jacket and/or sweatshirt for colder climates.

Crusade Ministry: Dress or skirt below the knee with blouse for women. (Sometimes dress pants are allowed depending on the culture.) Dress pants and collared shirts for men.

You may bring a swimsuit. One-piece swimsuit and shorts to the knee (or a cover-up) for walking from your hotel room to the pool. (Not all hotels will have a pool, please contact GV to see if you need a swimsuit.)

Will I receive a ministry schedule for my trip?

All trip schedules are subject to change at the discretion of Global Ventures Staff. A basic ministry outline consists of the following: Street ministry during the day, possible rest times in the afternoon, and an evening crusade at night in which everyone will participate. There will also be at least one Kids Festival during the week.

Do I need an adaptor or converter?

Yes. For most places we go, you will need a converter (be sure it isn’t only an adapter) and they are normally sold with adapters for all countries.

Will I be able to call home?

There is limited access to phones in some countries. We will do our best to make sure you can call home if needed, but we cannot guarantee anything. You may be able to email if there is an internet connection at the hotel.

Can I arrive earlier or depart later than the set trip dates?

No. Our trip dates are set and any deviations will have to occur separate from the trip.

Can I contact Global Venture's travel agent directly?

No, we will handle all communication with our travel agents on your behalf.

How much money should I bring?

We recommend bringing $50 – $200 depending upon how many souvenirs you want to purchase, and for any additional drinks or snacks you might want. Everything else you need (meals, water, lodging, airline tickets, travel health insurance, and in-country transportation) is covered by Global Ventures.

Have any other questions? Feel free to email us at:

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