Special Discounts

for Pastors & Youth Pastors

As a Pastor or Youth Pastor you will get $100 off for every person you bring with you on a Global Ventures trip.

(For each person you recruit, they must come on the same trip as you, and they must put your name on their application. Please read the discount policy below.)

Please be aware that there is a $300.00 deposit (per person) due November 1st. Send in all applications with at least $30 as soon as possible. The $300 deposit enables us to secure group flights and begin making arrangements for each person in your group to be on the trip(s). (A $100 Discount will be given to those that send their $300 deposit along with their App. by Nov. 1st)

To be eligible to receive the Pastor’s Discount, you must meet the following requirements.

1. Each member of your group must apply for the same trip as you.

2. In order to qualify, you must email us at info@globalventures.tv and let us know which trip you will be applying for as well as how many people are part of your group. If you are able, please also provide us with the names of each individual so that we can keep track of your group as their applications come in.

3. Each member of your group must be up to date on their payment deadlines and turn in all required forms. The deadlines vary depending on which trip you and your group register for.

4. Once we approach the 2nd payment deadline, you will be contacted by the mission trip department to determine the appropriate discount amount. Each team member in your group must be up to date on all their funds in order to qualify for the discount.

Our Mission Trips Department will send periodical updates about your team members’ progress. As the leader of the group, we ask that you help us communicate to your group members if required forms or funds are missing.

It’s an honor to have your group join us! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.