Patricia Marsh – GV Missionary

When Patricia watched the very moving Global Ventures video “10/40: Go Beyond,” she knew she had to go to the nations to share the love of Jesus with those who had never heard the Gospel.  Her first mission trip with Global Ventures was to Thailand in 2005.  The mission trip to Thailand greatly impacted her for life.

Inspired to learn more about how to reach the world with the Gospel, Patricia decided to retire in August 2020. She rented out her house in NC and moved to Oklahoma to be an intern in the GV CORE Program.  In 2023, she completed the three-year CORE Program and the one-year Global Ventures School of Missions.

Role at GV & Ministry Plans

Patricia’s goal is to continue to travel to the nations with Global Ventures to share the Gospel and recruit others to go on team trips. She has moved back to North Carolina as her home base, where she will share in churches about the harvest and recruit team members for GV team trips.  She will train others how to win souls through outreaches and one-on-one evangelism.

She has been to 12 nations and a part of 18 Missions Projects

Upcoming Projects: India, Paraguay, Indonesia, Cambodia

2024 Fundraising Goal:

(Your support covers all travel costs, Advance & Discipleship Team expenses, in-country mission projects, and a portion of her personal expenses for the year.)


Please consider joining Patricia as a partner, both financially and in prayer, as she continues to venture out, bringing the Hope of the Gospel to those in need!

Global Ventures is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. Your giving will go directly towards ministry costs.