J O H N   S M I T H W I C K

Billions Still Unreached

From crowds of thousands to the forgotten orphan on the street, we believe that every single person is infinitely valuable.

That’s why, for 25 years, Global Ventures has been mobilizing people–from all walks of life–to the lost and hurting around the world.

Global Ventures was founded in 1998 with the vision of training and equipping the church to go to the harvest fields. The time is now as these opportunities and open doors will not last forever. That’s why it’s vital that we strategically position the church to reach the unreached so that generations will turn to Jesus.

The world’s population is growing at an immense pace, and the sheer need of the Gospel is evident. In order to make a dent in the unreached world, we feel God has given us a strategy to multiply our evangelism campaigns and target multiple cities and regions in a short period of time.

GV’s leadership team is growing, and people are being trained to conduct and oversee Evangelism Projects. This is setting the stage for many large evangelism projects on the horizon.

With the School of Missions and the expansion of GV’s headquarters combined with new curriculum and training tools, we will be training more harvesters which will multiply our efforts in these precious lands. 

This next generation needs to be awakened to whom they are in Christ and discover their divine destiny. When young people realize their purpose, and how they can be a vital part of the Great Commission, they are a force to be reckoned with! Global Ventures has created a safe environment for this generation to fulfill their call. 

Our Response to the Need

In 2015, Global Ventures purchased two office facilities and remodeled one of the buildings to serve as our ministry headquarters, known as C.O.M.E.…the Center of Mass Evangelism. We now need to remodel the second building with plans to include a multi-purpose training room and a production studio for international projects. Repairs and updates to both buildings and grounds as well as upgrading technical infrastructure and support are also needed at this time.

The GO! Initiative answers the call by reimagining our current buildings to becoming a digital launching pad for training and sending next generation missionaries in ways never thought possible before. 

The expansion of our headquarters will multiply our impact. This new facility will host the School of Missions which is a one-year program that equips and launches missionaries into the harvest fields. A production studio will increase our impact in this next generation and will enable us to produce effective soul-winning tools to further our reach around the world. 

Every year Global Ventures sees an average of 100,000+ decisions for Christ and facilitates 250+ team members. There is so much potential to reach many more!

Partnership Opportunities

We are relying on passionate partners like you to bring this vision to life.

To that end, we have developed a realistic budget that will allow our ministry to take the next step and break new ground.

Our expansion budget is as follows:



Current Building Updates

Curriculum Projects

IT & Tech Needs

Operating Costs



Building Expansion

Multipurpose Facility

Production Studio for International Projects

Building Tech & Furnishings

Total Need: $2,800,000



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