Caleb & Anna Howard

Since her first Global Ventures trip in 2009, Anna has been driven by her desire to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard. She completed 5 years as a Global Ventures Intern and has served as the Director of the Global Ventures CORE program since 2014. Caleb quickly caught the “missions’ bug” after meeting Anna and went on his first Global Ventures trip to Nepal in 2015. Together they share a passion for serving God, global missions, family, music, Star Wars, laughter, and sushi.

Caleb and Anna welcomed their first son, Joshua Liam in 2018 and are currently expecting their second son in February 2021. The joy of parenthood has given them an even greater sense of the love God has for His children, and they have committed to raising their family focused on reuniting the nations with their Heavenly Father.

Role at GV & Ministry Plans

Caleb and Anna’s goal is to always attend as many Global Ventures trips as possible, knowing that as a part of the GV leadership team their participation helps create more teams to reach more people in the nations they travel to.

In 2021, Anna and Caleb will be going with GV to Peru, Indonesia & Thailand. On all of these trips, they will be ministering in schools, marketplaces, and at the evening evangelistic festivals. They will be team leaders on these trips, which means they will help train and coach the team members and coordinate the team while they are at each ministry site.

These trips are always the highlight of the year for Caleb & Anna, however, when they are not on a mission’s trip, they are involved in helping carry out the vision of Global Ventures in their day-to-day life. Anna is the director of The CORE Program and spends her week teaching, training, and mentoring interns in various aspects of ministry and missions. Caleb works in the billing department for a local hospital in Tulsa, OK and participates in all GV stateside events.

Since 2009, they have been Part of 22 Missions Projects

Upcoming Projects: Peru, Indonesia & Thailand

2021 Fundraising Goal: $10,000

(This covers ministry expenses; all travel costs, set-up trip expenses, and mission trip expenses for the year.)


Please consider joining with Caleb and Anna as a partner, both financially and in prayer, as they continues to venture out, bringing the Hope of the Gospel to those in need!

Global Ventures is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. Your giving will go directly towards ministry costs.