Episode 30: Peru Part 2

The team treks through rough terrain to visit a prominent shaman who uses hallucinogens to take clients to alternative spiritual dimensions.

Episode 29: Peru Part 1

The team travels by boat to a secluded Peruvian village and encounters a tribe of people whose culture is very different from their own.

Episode 28: Ethiopia

The team pulls together and brings clothes, toys, and food to conduct an orphan outreach in Ethiopia, where they’re able to bring a message of hope and life to ‘the least of these.’

Episode 27: Australia

The team brings Christmas to indigenous communities in Australia, as they work side-by-side with local missionaries making a huge impact.

Episode 26: Belize Part 2

Part of the team sneaks into what is supposed to be an abandoned voodoo temple, and find that it isn't so abandoned after all.

Belize Part 1

Episode 25: Belize Part 1

The team explores what is known as the voodoo capital of Belize, and encounters people who have been starving for spiritual truth.

Episode 24: India & Nepal Part 2

In the midst of opposition in the streets, the team does not shy from carrying the powerful Gospel and undeniable miracles to those they come across.

India and Nepal Part 1

Episode 23: India & Nepal Part 1

John and Blake conduct heartbreaking interviews of Indians who recount great persecution and displacement from their homes because of their faith.

Kenya Part 2 Episode

Episode 22: Kenya Part 2

The media team is forced to flee for safety in this gripping episode as they confront not one, but two high-profile witchdoctors, with two very different reactions.

Kenya Part 1

Episode 21: Kenya Part 1

Join us for one of our most incredible adventures yet as an elite team travels to Kenya and leaves civilization behind. They uncover a weighty secret that is keeping many bound by sickness and addiction.