Episode 10: Thailand

A team journeys to Thailand in an attempt to expose hundreds of years of Buddhist practices to the power of a living God.

Episode 9: Healing & Miracles

The GV Team searches to find the answers to the world's most debated questions about healing and miracles today.

Episode 8: Human Trafficking

From Southeast Asia, to our own cities here in America, the GV Team exposes the diabolical sex slave trade, which is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.

Episode 7: Generation in Crisis

The GV team explores the lives of three Americans faced with destructive trends that many youth face today, and challenge teens to engage in a life of purpose.

Episode 6: Cambodia

The team travels to the huts of Cambodia, meeting survivors of the Khmer Rouge's mass genocide, and endeavor to bring hope to a broken people.

Episode 5: Peru

People from across America, Canada and Europe join a team in Peru for the purpose of freeing thousands from a desperate life through the power of the Gospel.

Episode 4: Nepal

The lives of two young men are forever changed as an American ventures to Nepal on a team trip and encounters the life of a local Nepali Hindu.

Episode 3: Guatemala – Part 2

Continuing their journey in Guatemala, the team digs deep into the Mayan religion and purposes to show the people the true light of the Gospel

Episode 2: Guatemala – Part 1

A team heads south to Guatemala, one of the most crime infested countries of Latin America, in order to pull thousands back into the arms of their Savior.

Season 1

Episode 1: Haiti

Global Ventures goes deep into Haiti's turmoil as they battle against practices of voodoo and witchcraft and undertakes the powers of darkness in order to show the greater light.