Applications for 2018/19 CORE Program are being accepted.

The next available session begins in September 2018.

CORE is a 1 to 3 year program created to equip those who have a heart to reach the world. Whatever aspect of ministry you desire to work in, Global Ventures will equip you with practical tools and instill in you an uncompromising passion for the lost. This program is more than just learning in a classroom setting, it’s about being an integral part of making a thriving missions ministry happen.
Whether you desire to be involved in missions long-term, see yourself in ministry here in the US, or you simply desire a foundation in evangelism, the CORE Program will help you gain the knowledge and practical skill sets to make it happen.

During your time with us, you will have the opportunity to become an effective soul-winner, to learn the behind the scenes work of missions and ministry, and take part in mass evangelism projects.

“We are about reuniting people with their divine purpose, and that divine purpose should be to reunite others with their Creator.”



Leadership training is a foundational element in the CORE Program. Equipping and empowering others is the very reason for this program. These principles are instilled in you from the start and developed through books, teaching and real life scenarios from the office to the mission field.

You will also take part in weekly round-table discussions with GV’s main leadership team.

After completing Year 2 year of the program, you will be considered to team lead or co/lead while on GV trips. Other leadership roles are also considered depending on performance.

You will be taught first-hand from John & Martine Smithwick who have 20+ years of experience in missionary work and crusade ministry. Not only will you learn the practical side of missions, but they will also minister extensive biblical teaching on evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

You will be mentored not only by John and Martine but the directors and staff of Global Ventures. They will share their hearts with you as you hear about their experiences, what they have learned over the years, and how they have seen over 2 million people come to Christ.

Missionary guests and experienced ministers are invited to share several times throughout the year.

You will take part in an extensive study of world religions, unreached people groups and how to effectively share the Gospel with people from all walks of life and beliefs.

Principles of faith will be taught in dynamic ways and give you the foundation you need to succeed.

No matter what ministry or line of work you find yourself in, learning the different aspects of creative arts is an essential part of connecting and being successful in today’s society. In Year 1, you will spend an allotted time learning from our Creative Department. Depending on your abilities, you may be working more extensively in this department in Year 2.

  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Media Marketing

Good communication skills open the door for you to share your heart and vision and influence people to become part of your mission. You are developed in various aspects of communication so that you can effectively share the Gospel, lead others and influence people.

You will receive in-depth training on how to fundraise and build financial support. The goal is for you to be self-sustained through a monthly support system that allows you to travel or live overseas long term.

You will minister alongside our directors and leaders and given vital roles to fulfill while on GV trips. You will become well versed in sharing the Gospel in all types of settings and to all people groups from the developed to the underdeveloped nations.

As part of this program, you are eligible to travel and assist the International Coordination Team on set up trips and crusades (outreaches).

You will have the opportunity to take part in mass evangelism projects where entire regions across a country are saturated with the Gospel.

There are short and longer-term opportunities to serve in other countries and get involved in church planting projects such as the Thailand Harvest Plan.

From the years of experience in children’s pastoring, inner-city bus ministry and conducting children’s festivals in the U.S. and overseas, you will receive in-depth training on Children’s Ministry. In this program, we will cover how to minister to children of all ages, how to tell stories, how to craft teaching lessons and how to conduct effective outreaches and festivals. You will not only develop a heart to minister to children but you will be able to put to practice all that you have learned.

Administrative skills are developed as you participate in the behind the scenes aspects of ministry. You will be trained in organization, time management, event planning and overseeing and managing projects. During year 2 and 3, you will be given the opportunity to manage projects both in the US and overseas.

Being well versed administratively is an underline key to success in ministry and business.

CORE is based at the

Global Ventures

Center of Mass Evangelism

in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The first year, you will focus on the harvest-intensive curriculum. You will have projects and assignments to help you grow your knowledge of soul winning. You will also spend time in each department to get an idea of how each area operates.

Graduates of year 1 will be eligible to participate in a pre-trip set up with the International Coordination team to help schedule schools, outreach ministry and finalize logistics several weeks before the team arrives.

During your second year, you will focus on developing leadership skills. You will be put in the department that best fits your gifts and talents.

After completing year 2 of the program, you will be considered to team lead / co-lead a team on a GV trip. You will also be eligible to participate in an initial set up trip with the International Coordination team. On this trip, you will meet with pastors and church members in-country to plan the upcoming missions trip 3-6 months before the team arrives.

In your third year, you will still work in the department that best suits your gifts and talents. You will have specific roles and responsibilities in your respective departments, and you will be trained further in the intricacies of that department.

Graduates of the 3rd year are eligible to conduct their very own evangelistic crusade in a nearby city during a GV missions trip.

Have any questions?

Email us or call (918) 266-5764 and ask to speak with our CORE Program Director.