CORE Program Application

Before you begin you will need:

1. A recent digital headshot photo of yourself.

2. Credit card information for your $30 application fee.

1. Personal Information

Attach a recent head and shoulders photo. A passport-style picture is recommended.

2. Spiritual Inventory

3. Family Information

4. Education & Employment

Name & address of school, Dates To/From, Course of Study, Degree or Diploma
Creditor Name, Starting Dates, Current Balance, Monthly Payment Amount

5. References & Skills

6. Health Information

7. Agreements

Global Ventures holds high, Godly standards and as a part of the CORE Program, you will also be required to live by these standards. We believe that as a Christian leader in the body of Christ, we must abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages or smoking substances of any kind. Please share in your own words why you would agree or disagree with this statement.

Global Ventures is a ministry of excellence. Christians who are in places of responsibility in this ministry are required to be examples in faith, conduct, and business affairs. Therefore, anyone who is a part of the CORE Program is expected to abide by the following:

• Must be in agreement with the tenets of faith of Global Ventures.
• Must be loyal to the directors and leaders of Global Ventures.
• Must commit to live a separated Christian life, abstaining from all alcohol, smoking any substance, and any illegal drugs.
• Must live a life of sexual purity. If not married, not involved sexually with either sex. If married, not involved sexually with anyone besides your spouse. No involvement in ANY type of pornography.
• Consistently tithe to their church.
• Have your home life in order.
• Faithfully attend regular church services at your church.
• Be faithful to your assigned position at GV. (Tuesday – Thursday, 8:30a – 3:30p)
• Able to make a one-year commitment.
• Neat and clean in your appearance. Wear modest clothing, since you represent God and Global Ventures.
• Must abide by all CORE Program rules such as; no dating during first year program, no rated R movies, etc.
• Complete appropriate workers’ training course(s) required in your specific area of ministry.
• Must go on at least one Global Ventures trip during the CORE Program year.

I have read the above qualification and I am in full agreement with them. I agree to keep them to the very best of my ability. I clearly understand that failure to keep any of the above requirements is grounds for my being asked to step down from the CORE Program. I state that all the above information that I have given is true to the best of my knowledge.

Both of these forms need to be printed, filled out by the appropriate person, and mailed back to Global Ventures at the address listed at the bottom of each page.

Click the links to open forms in a new tab.


Pastoral Recommendation Form


Personal Recommendation Form 

You must fulfill a $30 application fee in order for your application to be processed.

If you proceed without payment, your application will not be processed.