Accelerate the Vision

Over the coming months, we will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of JSMI/Global Ventures, and in the midst of this huge milestone, we had it on our hearts to launch something to accelerate the vision of the ministry – it’s called the Advance Campaign!

This campaign is a rallying point to increase the impact that we’re making on the world. Through all of these areas listed, we plan to accelerate the vision that God has given this ministry and reach more people for Christ!


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Effectively spreading the Gospel is the main focus of our ministry as a whole. Everywhere we go, every project we conduct, the main goal of ministering the Gospel is intact… but we want to do more! Only 4% of all missionaries are working among unreached people, and we want to change that.


We plan to conduct more missions trips and mass evangelism projects in new unreached regions, as well as lay the groundwork for future Converge Events in the coming years. Part of our vision is to be able to host evangelistic projects in at least 20 nations within the 10/40 window.


We believe in the local church all around the world, and we have planted churches in areas where there were few or even none – now, we’re doing even more. Expanding churches in the world’s darkest places is a vital part in seeing long-term impact in regions without the Gospel.



We desire to plant and fully fund 100 more new churches over the next 10 years in places like Nepal, India, Bangladesh and all around the 10/40 window.


Everywhere we go, we plan extensively with the local churches on the most effective long-term discipleship strategies. We have seen lasting fruit after mass evangelistic projects, but there is still much more on our hearts to do.


We desire to do even more translation of our discipleship curriculum for local churches into new languages, distribution of solar-powered audio Bibles to more remote village areas with low literacy rates, develop more online and smartphone tools for discipleship, and increase the level of post-trip volunteers who are able to help facilitate new believer programs.


At home and abroad, we know that strong, equipped leaders duplicate themselves and expand their influence for the better, and when it comes to churches and ministries, good leadership is vital to getting the Gospel out effectively!



We desire to hold pastor/leadership conferences in multiple 10/40 window nations, as well as increasing opportunities for stateside leadership training through expanding The CORE Program!


Our influence goes beyond mission trips. In the past 5 years, we’ve seen the Global Ventures TV show air in over 150 nations on 11 TV networks and The Reach Podcast continues to provide inspiring content on a weekly basis.



We desire to widen our influence through new mass media, publishing books and new online resources. Something else we’re especially excited about is the potential for launching GV chapters in different hub cities across the US and Canada, where our “extended family” can gather, rally together, pray, and be a resource to each other!


Over the last few years, we’ve started facilitating clean water projects in most countries that we have mass evangelism projects because there is a great need. Water filters open up the door of opportunity to share the Gospel and new outreach opportunities for local churches. It’s been so effective, that we want to do more!


We desire to start distributing 500+ water filtration systems each year, as well as other service projects helping feed, distribute clothes and toys, dig wells where needed, and more!


Harvest Plans are very purposeful discipleship strategies that help to establish the Gospel in an unreached region or nation. The Thailand Harvest Plan, our first, was established over 10 years ago and as a result, many churches and home groups have been started and sustained until self-sufficient, many have received salvation and been discipled, pastors have been trained and raised up!



We desire to expand the THP’s influence in Thailand, and launch new Harvest Plans in multiple more regions in the 10/40 window as well!


Kids ministry has always been a huge part of what we do, and we are excited to announce that as a part of Advance we have big plans to expand! One large part of it is the curriculum written by Martine Smithwick and tailor-made for churches in unreached areas that are just establishing children’s ministries and don’t necessarily have resources.


We desire to translate this curriculum into many languages and distributed free-of-charge to churches that need it. We will also be conducting more Kids festivals and school programs overseas!


As we continue to facilitate projects all over the world, it also takes a lot of diligent work at home. Our headquarters, the Center of Mass Evangelism (Tulsa, OK), has a growing team of staff, interns, and volunteers who make everything happen. We take excellent care of our tools, but as more come to learn and serve here, there are things like computers, sound equipment, building upgrades, etc. that come with that growth.


We desire to increase our resources allowing our team to be as effective as possible, as well as hire a few new staff members for vital ministry roles.

Thank you for advancing with us!