Evangelism Strategy

“How big is possible?”

― T.L. Osborn

Global Ventures brings a team into a country where everyone participates in multiple layers (or facets) of evangelism. The team saturates the region with the Gospel by ministering in parks, neighborhoods, and school assemblies.

This, combined with a large advertising campaign, causes the word to spread and large crowds to gather for the evening festivals. With this strategy, we typically see tens of thousands receive Christ and hundreds healed in just one week of ministry.

Primary Focus

The 10/40 window is located from 10 degrees south to 40 degrees north of the equator. This region of the world is where the majority of the unreached people groups live and is the epicenter for Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. It contains the majority of the world’s population and it has immense poverty. Global Ventures’ primary focus is conducting evangelism projects in this part of the world.

Personal Evangelism

While Global Ventures ministers in large crowd settings, GV also shares the Gospel one on one. Finding common ground and sharing God’s love in an up-close and personal way to people we encounter in the streets, parks, and neighborhoods, is something GV strives to do on every trip.

Citywide Festivals

Global Ventures conducts citywide festivals held in large open venues all around the world, primarily in regions where they have not heard the Gospel. The open-air festivals produce a broader audience and result in thousands of salvations. After the festivals, our team, as well as local pastors and leaders, assist the new believers in getting established into churches and give them the materials needed to help them grow spiritually. In areas where there are no Christian churches, GV plants and supports the launch of new churches.

Kids Ministry

Reaching children is an important component of Global Ventures. With a cutting-edge presentation of the Gospel, GV ministers to children in large school assemblies, neighborhoods, and parks and sees thousands of kids receive Christ.

Children’s Festivals

Citywide children’s festivals are conducted everywhere GV travels to. These festivals draw some of the largest crowds, ranging from several hundred to 15,000 children in attendance. Games, prizes, and costume characters draw the children and as the event unfolds, they are captivated by a dynamic Gospel presentation. Through these outreaches, we have seen tens of thousands of children and parents encounter the Love of Jesus and receive Christ as their Lord.