Billions have no access to the Gospel or a church or a Bible.

Global Ventures believes in leaving a legacy that will continue on to the next generation. By training Christian leaders who can lead local churches and continue carrying the good news of Christ, GV establishes a lasting impact that will then endure in its own capacity.

Our vision is to one day have base offices in regions all over the world that can continuously support church plants in areas with the most unreached people groups.


Distribution of Gospel Books

After presenting the Gospel in schools and various outreaches, we distribute Gospel booklets from One Hope as a follow-up tool to those that have received Christ. To date, hundreds of thousands have been distributed in numerous parts of the world through Global Ventures projects.

Based on One Hope’s research, for every book distributed, 4 people on average read them.


Home Groups

Once a Global Ventures evangelism project is over, the pastors follow up on those that have attended the festivals. GV trains pastors hands-on by taking them and their leaders right into the homes of the new believers and coaches them in implementing the New Believers Discipleship Lessons. Whole households, and even extended families and neighbors turn out for these in-home visits. Many times, the start of a home group results in a new church launch in that area.


Curriculum for New Believers

Global Ventures developed a 16-week Discipleship Curriculum called the New Believers Lesson Series, and it is now translated in Thai, Bengali, Punjabi, and Spanish. This curriculum is tailored for unreached regions where people have never heard the Gospel before. Pastors and leaders are trained hands-on and use this great tool for follow up. As a result, home groups are started, churches grow, and new churches are launched.


Children’s Ministry Training

The GV team conducts workshops/conferences that provide hands-on training and material to help equip churches on how to minister to children. Churches are also given the tools necessary to create bible lessons for children. A tailor-made curriculum is being developed for unreached areas that don’t necessarily have resources. Our goal is to translate this curriculum into many languages and distribute free-of-charge to churches in need.


Church Planting

Expanding churches in the world’s darkest places is a vital part of seeing the long-term impact in regions without the Gospel. Global Ventures plants churches in conjunction (or on the tail end of) with evangelism projects in areas where there are few or even no churches at all. Currently, there are over 42 churches that have been planted and fully funded. In the next decade, GV plans to see over 100 additional churches planted.