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Thailand 2024

June 5-16 / $3,500 / Ages 14+

Thailand, a country that has been on the heart of Global Ventures since we began work there in 2005. “The Land of Smiles” and…

Paraguay 2024

June 20-30 (Week 1) or June 27-July 7 (Week 2) / $3,450 / Ages 7+

Extended Trip Option: June 20-July 7 / $4,450

A relatively small country in nature, Paraguay makes up for this by being known as the “Heart of South America.” Home to…

Indonesia 2024

Aug. 28 – Sept. 8 / $4,085 / Ages 16+

Trip cost includes a unique tourist activity in Bali. Space is limited.

In Southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans lays the largest archipelago in the world…

Cambodia 2024

Oct. 31 – Nov. 11 / $3,550 / Ages 16+

Nestled between Thailand and Vietnam lies Cambodia, a land that is still largely undeveloped and a country emerging from a history…

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Be a Light to a World in Darkness!

This past year has been amazing! We are looking to the year ahead full of faith at what God desires to do in the world! We are back to doing outdoor crusades, school ministry, and outreaches where many thousands are transformed with the Gospel of Jesus!

Your safety is our top priority, and in every country, we work with seasoned missionaries and/or local pastors on the ground to ensure the security of the whole team.

Learn more about the mission of Global Ventures.

Testimonials from GV Team Members

“GV took precautions to keep the team safe and to honor local guidelines throughout the entire trip. We felt at ease during all of the travel and ministry and the Gospel was not inhibited at all. In fact, in the midst of the pandemic, people were even hungrier for the hope of Jesus Christ and GV found innovative ways to effectively share the Gospel. Don’t wait. People need a Savior now!”

– Grace B.

“The GV team always made us feel safe and provided everything that we needed for the entire trip. They continually communicated with us while we were traveling to and from Albania. They made the process so easy.  I never felt unsafe or worried for my life or my daughter. The team was amazing and treated us like family from the very beginning. My daughter and I will definitely be going on another trip in the future!”

– Cara A.

“Safety is always a priority on any GV trip. This last trip to Ecuador with my girls I was never worried or had a cause for concern that we would be placed in danger. Global Ventures is a premier mission organization and that is one of the many reasons we have done multiple trips with GV and will continue to do so.”

– Jimmy B.